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Activities of the Corporation West Bengal Swarojgar Corporation is responsible for implemeting the following programmes of the Department:

Swami Vivekananda Swanirbhar Karmasansthan Prakalpa (SVSKP) to support unemployed youth accessing bank loan along with subsidy for setting up micro enterprises in order to generate income.

Providing interest subsidy to the self-help groups in both urban and rural areas of the state against bank loan received by such groups.

Organising training programme for the unemployed youth and members of the self-help groups through empanelled training institutions as well as through the technical support staff of the line departments.

Organising state Sabal Mela and a series of Sabala Melas in the districts to offer marketing avenues for the products of the self-help groups and young entrepreneurs. The platform is also used to create awareness about the activities of the groups aanad individual Swarojgaris.

Coordinating convergence community action for capacity building, product development and economic activities by the self-help grou0ps and unemployed youth in 13 South Bengal districts, except Bankura through Muktidhara, a special initiative of the Department of SHG&SE.