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A.1.Contact with Supervisor SHG&SE, Sangha (Rural areas) / ALF (for Urban areas). May be contacted for registration.


A.2.There is no charge for JAAGO registration.


A.3.Not at present.


A.4.Contact with Supervisor SHG&SE, Sangha for Panchayat at Panchayat area / ALFs for Municipal area for formation of SHG Group.


A.5.Savings Account and Current Account with cash credit facility.


A.6.The eligibility criteria are - 1. A groups received cash credit limit or term loan or 2. All graded groups or 3. All groups matching the following conditions (i) 1 Year from formation of SHG or 6 months from opening of an account whichever is earlier an and (ii) Minimum deposit of Rs. 5000/- in the account.


A.7.Minimum age is 18 years.


Q.9.Why this Grant is being given?


A.9.Using the assistance as revolving fund may help in leveraging higher cash limit (CCL)/Term loan.